Monday, October 3, 2011


Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be truly objective?
I mean to see who you really are; from another person's point of view.
How would that be?
We probably wouldn't be so critical of ourselves. 
I may not be so worried of what other people think of how I look if I know they are not even thinking about that.
Every person has their own everyday issues to tackle.
They have relationships to mend or family they don't like being around.
It would be interesting if I could be a completely objective person in consciousness watching myself.
It makes you really think about psychology and how the brain works doesn't it?

Objectivity has nothing to do with objectification. The root word is object. I'm surprised it's not subject.
Because when we are being subjective we are thinking about ourselves and how others are thinking about us, or worrying about what people think of our actions. So, why is objectification not called subjectification?
I am not sure. I know that society has labeled object as the meaning of objectification. And that when people (in media mostly women) are used as objects of advertizing to sell just about everything under the sun. Well, this concept gets under my skin and frightens me. I know that our society has way more potential than to be shallow and greedy, but it seems that's what it is doing to get gain.

How do I deal with this? First of all, I need to openly disgrace that kind of advertizing in front of my family and children. Not being rude or conceited, but let them know I don't approve of it. I may even write letters of discontent to the advertisers if their message is really inappropriate and makes me upset at how they've used women's bodies or prettiness to get gain. I also need to educate people in my neighborhood about media and how it works and what to be aware of. These beautiful "real" girls in my neighborhood are confused and think they are supposed to be a size 0 when looking at models scantily clad in magazines. Not only are these models unrealistic, most of the time their completely fictional. Their bodies are a Photoshop illusion created for money. This is very unfortunate. These sweet girls in my neighborhood, and in society today- need to understand their individual value and divine worth. These genuine women and girls need to understand their very bodies and existence is being challenged and we need to fight back!

These are my thoughts for today.