Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Brilliant Friends

Dear Brilliant Friends,

Once upon a time, every great thing that EVER happened started out as just an idea, a thought, a WHAT IF?

Your favorite song was just a tune that someone couldn't get out of their head, so they wrote it down and worked on it until it was a song and then released it out into the world. Your favorite book was the idea of somebody somewhere who had a story to document, and they wrote and wrote and wrote until the book was done. We talk on cell phones, we drive amazing vehicles, we see national monuments, we participate in worthwhile organizations. ALL OF THOSE THINGS started out as just an idea.

And then someone kept going until the idea was a reality.

So please don't get caught up in thinking, beautiful friends, that your dreams, hopes and ambitions don't matter, that your ideas are dumb or unattainable. Please remember that pretty much everything you put to use on a daily basis came about because someone had an idea and followed through on it. What if they hadn't have followed through on it? What if they had been too afraid? THINK OF ALL OF THE THINGS that we would all be missing out on right now if the ideas of others never had a chance to be born.

Let your ideas be born, friend.
If it feels like it's time, it probably is.

You can do this.

You are brilliant and very very loved.

-Originally posted by Mikaela Celli on the Beauty Redefined Facebook Wall

-Re-posted and shared by Chelsea Merkley

Friday, September 23, 2011

A poignant thought

Dear Terrific Friends,

In the same day, we can get a BUNCH of messages that totally conflict each other. We can be told that something will make us ultra healthy, and then read something else that says the very same thing will make us very very sick. We can be told that THIS NEW THING is in style this season, and then find out that lots of other people are saying it is SO YESTERDAY.

Even more seriously, we get messages about who we are and what makes us valuable, about what we should be doing with our lives. The messages are conflicting so many times, and are confusing so many times, and are frustrating so many times, and make us feel small and yucky so many times. Sometimes we feel so confused that we are just paralyzed and instead of trying to choose from one of the millions of opinions, we just stop doing anything at all.

The only way to get to the truth is to listen to your heart, to pay very close attention to your gut. It is YOUR truth. And that does not mean it is the same truth for someone else's life. We all have a different journey. When something is right and true, it feels peaceful. Things that are right and true are not always the answers that we are hoping for. They are not always the easiest answers. But they  always bring us to a place of peace.

Please go where the peace is, beautiful friend -- always always always.
Be brave enough to choose the path that is best for YOU no matter what the "opinions" are.

You can do it.

This is YOUR LIFE, and you are responsible for your decisions. You are the one who has to live with them, work with them, and build a future with them. Make sure they are the right ones for YOU.

You are so loved.
xoxo Chelsea

Original Message Written by Mikaela Celli on the Beauty Redefined Facebook Wall

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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Different Perspective!

                                This is a photo of me with my son the day before he turned 3 this year!

                         Today I feel like speaking about what I believe and why. If you are not a religious or spiritual person I have no problem with you not reading this post. I believe I am a daughter of God. That's right not just a spiritual daughter of my Heavenly Father but also a literal daughter of my Heavenly Father. That means that I have a divine destiny and birthright. This largely has to do with my choices in life which all mankind has agency; or the ability to choose right from wrong. There are several psychologists and researchers who believe that we are the sum of our experiences. If you have ever heard of the "Tabula Rasa" or Blank Slate theory this is essentially what I'm referring to. Some folks believe that what we are taught to believe, we believe; and how we are expected to act we end up acting. Or that basicly we learn from our experiences and from what we are taught in life. I'd like to pick apart this theory and see if I can try to disprove it.

If I wasn't taught or never knew that my body was a temple would it cease to be? Would I treat it differently? Maybe, I would treat it differently- but it wouldn't cease to be what it is. If I wasn't taught about Baptism, the Holy Scriptures, what a Testimony is and how to treat my body well and take care of it, would those things cease to be as well? I should think not. I may act differently because desire leads to belief and action on the belief leads to knowledge. If I had no desire or no knowledge I may act differently and choose to not value my body as a temple, or a gift from my Father in Heaven.

I have heard it said before that we are temporal beings having a spiritual experience, However... I believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a Temporal and Spiritual Experience. I just thought I'd give you food for thought today. I hope it was thought provoking. Happy Labor Day!