Friday, August 26, 2011

Sizing an Advertizing Gimick?

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This article 
states that one women is multiple different sizes at different apparel stores just so that the consumer feels she is smaller than she is and will buy more. Fraud? A sales Gimmick? A false Advertizing Campaign? I would say yes to all of the above. It also says that what was a size 12 in 1976 in some clothing chains is now a size 6. Why is that? Profit, sales, money, and the corruption of a society based on making more money anyway they can by false advertizing. Our poor children, if we don't teach them to watch out for the corruptions in the business world and in our society today, how will they combat against it in the future?

What do you think?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This week has pretty much been a blur so far. So many bridal showers, wedding dinners, weddings and things to get ready for. I'm getting my books at school tomorrow and going to turn in forms for programs I'm applying to.

In all of this busyness I can't help but feel as a woman how much my size seems to matter to so many people. I used to be littler before I had a baby and when I was in High School and swam on the Swim Team. It's strange to see what people will associate with me and who won't based on my looks.

You can always tell the people that associate with you because they have to, for instance, they are family or feel not including you would be rude or just not right. However, I can always sense when a person is acting fake or making nice with people they don't really know or would just rather not be around. Maybe it's just that I'm good at reading charachter and behaviors; I usually have been.

I admit openly that I need to work out and eat better. I am working on that. I also can admit that I have an emotional tie to food that at certain times becomes almost needy. You know, when you are stressed from dealing with Customer Service Insurance Agents for 4 hours, or you can't get a hold of someone you really need to talk to; that kind of feeling. Occasionally I run to comfort food, as I know many women do, when facing a conflict or a major crisis. This habit needs to stop. I know I can stop it, mind over matter.
I just need to not buy certain things and cook more at home as I'm trying to do.

About a month ago I lost 10 lbs. from only eating at home and cooking at home. It was great!
I need to do that again. I'm sure all of us have somewhere to improve.

My school starts Monday, and I am buying books tomorrow with my toddler. That should be fun!

Thanks for reading.

Chelsea Merkley

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Road Trip

We have been on vacation since last Sunday and just got home today, so sorry for the gap in posts.
I realized as we were driving from SLC to San Diego, California that there were thousands of 1-800 lapband, 1-800-GET-THIN, and Weight Loss Management Billboards all exploiting women on them somehow. The photos were noticably altered in photoshopped airbrushing and I am glad that I didn't take pictures of all of the offensive billboards featuring images of women in some crazy advertizing standards stating that women can never be thin enough or good enough. That would be advertizing for bad advertizing in my view.

I also was shocked to see that almost all of the billboards for Lawyers featured men, whereas no women lawyers were represented on them. And I was very sad to see advertisements for Shopping Malls, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Hustler and Gentleman's Clubs(we did pass through Vegas) were all featuring women. Not to mention the singles hotline numbers on Billboards featuring women and also the sign that said " Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" or something like that was also featuring a woman.

Am I the only one who thinks this? I just feel that in our society today; much of the advertizing and media exploit women's images even more than we are already socialized to think of ourselves from our parent's, teachers, sisters, aunts and other women in our lives.

Where is it written that women have to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful and healthy? And if it is, it's false and should be taken out of our text books and our notions. I am not promoting obesity here at all and I think it's important to take care of our bodies and put good things into them. I also need to work on that more and not be an emotional eater and run to comfort foods in a time of crisis or when I feel uneasy. I am acknowledging that women with eating disorders; whether they be-Anorexia, Bolimia or binging and purging of other types like excessive excercising, it's largely an emotional and psychological issue. The problem here is not only what many women think of themselves and the way their image looks. They somehow think that if their image doesn't fit a certain standard given to them by society and media that they can't be smart, important or beautiful. I am here to tell you that is a huge lie!

We are daughters of God born in billions of different circumstances with bodies and figures of all different shapes and sizes. Some battle with Genetic Obesity who have parents and families with bigger bones and eating habits which are hard to kick because of the sentimentality of them and the emotional gratification given to us from food. Many of us associate good food with family reunions or family celebrations or church or community venues. Also, when women get together we "go eat lunch", it's a social and emotional need. It seems when men have gatherings they are on the grill cooking, going to a business lunch  or are playing golf or sports together. There are many men who also struggle with body image issues. It's just not so widely accepted in our western society for men to worry about the way they look. So most of them keep quiet about it.

On a similar note, take a look at popular sitcoms. Most of them features a short and itty bitty skinny wife who comes across as a nag and bossy;  and a tall, beer bellied husband who is passive agressive, unhelpful and rude. It seems to me society and several media companies and programs are socializing the next generation very negatively without even knowing it. So what do we do about it? We point things like stereotypes out to our children. We help them understand they should not be judged by their bodies alone and not their charachter and who they are. We teach them to be proud of their spirits, their divine potential, their accomplishments, ideas and aspirations. We help them understand they are more than an image that the world wants to alter. They are choice spirits of our Father in Heaven who came to earth for a special purpose at a predestined time to be here at the time they came into the world.

Let me know what you think of my thoughts.

Chelsea Merkley

Saturday, August 6, 2011


As I was at my weekly Grocery store run today,
I couldn't help but glance at the tabloids.
"J. Lo says no way to Marc's begging" and "Flatten your Belly",
Or "How to get thighs like Rosario Dawson"! These Celebrities half the time don't look
anything like the airbrushed pictures of them on magazines!

I can't help but feel blessed that I am not a Celebrity or
Media Icon that tabloids make up stories about and airbrush them to an insane, inhuman looking image. If I was a public icon or celebrity, I would have it in my contract to not use any airbrushing but to be realistic in my imaging and portraits of myself.

How do you feel about this?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Girls & Women are Trained to Judge and Devalue themselves

I found this on Youtube Today and it just spoke to me so much; of Western and International Societies and the Global Media & Advertising Campaigns teach girl's that they are not good enough if they aren't a size 6, or 0 or 2. We become a number, a size, a BMI, a weight; and no longer judged as an important person if our weight is not where society, our parent's our families, or the World wants it to be. How did we become so shallow? Judging our selves and others entirely on looks and not on; actions, assets, blessings, talents, or skills.
Watch below to find out. I welcome your comments. Chelsea