Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This week has pretty much been a blur so far. So many bridal showers, wedding dinners, weddings and things to get ready for. I'm getting my books at school tomorrow and going to turn in forms for programs I'm applying to.

In all of this busyness I can't help but feel as a woman how much my size seems to matter to so many people. I used to be littler before I had a baby and when I was in High School and swam on the Swim Team. It's strange to see what people will associate with me and who won't based on my looks.

You can always tell the people that associate with you because they have to, for instance, they are family or feel not including you would be rude or just not right. However, I can always sense when a person is acting fake or making nice with people they don't really know or would just rather not be around. Maybe it's just that I'm good at reading charachter and behaviors; I usually have been.

I admit openly that I need to work out and eat better. I am working on that. I also can admit that I have an emotional tie to food that at certain times becomes almost needy. You know, when you are stressed from dealing with Customer Service Insurance Agents for 4 hours, or you can't get a hold of someone you really need to talk to; that kind of feeling. Occasionally I run to comfort food, as I know many women do, when facing a conflict or a major crisis. This habit needs to stop. I know I can stop it, mind over matter.
I just need to not buy certain things and cook more at home as I'm trying to do.

About a month ago I lost 10 lbs. from only eating at home and cooking at home. It was great!
I need to do that again. I'm sure all of us have somewhere to improve.

My school starts Monday, and I am buying books tomorrow with my toddler. That should be fun!

Thanks for reading.

Chelsea Merkley

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