Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Girls & Women are Trained to Judge and Devalue themselves

I found this on Youtube Today and it just spoke to me so much; of Western and International Societies and the Global Media & Advertising Campaigns teach girl's that they are not good enough if they aren't a size 6, or 0 or 2. We become a number, a size, a BMI, a weight; and no longer judged as an important person if our weight is not where society, our parent's our families, or the World wants it to be. How did we become so shallow? Judging our selves and others entirely on looks and not on; actions, assets, blessings, talents, or skills.
Watch below to find out. I welcome your comments. Chelsea


  1. This is a hard topic. I resist commenting because we are all so conditioned to this that it is normal for me. It is touchy in that we need to be healthy, eat better, move more, find our talents, etc. and that generally when those things happen, our bodies respond - which means that ideally we should be smaller/fit/tone/etc. The gospel indicates that when we are resurrected our bodies will be "perfect" - which means they won't look like our bodies now. Overeating and obesity is a huge problem - and it scheduled to be one of the number one killers of humans in America if we continue living like we are now. I CERTAINLY agree that the focus of perfection is too commercialized, but health awareness has to exist on a certain level. Health objectives like BMI are real indicators of whether a person is in a healthy weight range which can determine how long a person is going to live. I wish that the media would come off the size 0 thing however. Size is certainly not always an indicator of poor/excellent health. The constant conditioning is exhaustive and yields inadequate mental health of the majority of women. I'm SERIOUSLY concerned for my little girl. Keeping healthy stuff in the house, limiting junk, having her in classes that get her moving and stimulate her brain are priorities, being outside, limiting tv and making weekly trips to the library, and most of all trying to complement her on things other than just her cuteness are all huge absolutes for me. Sadly, the world's conditioning will have effect on her anyway.

  2. Emily- While I understand completely what you mean, I think that the media does use so much to advertise with women's bodies that many girl's and women learn from society that they are an object to be looked at and judged for their appearance. I know women who wear corset's to improve their appearance at formal occasions and while I'd never do that I don't judge them for their decisions. I am in no way promoting obesity. This message was meant to empower ALL women; regardless of race,religion,marital status,dress size, shoe size, bust size, BMI or anything else. I think we should not be judge or judge ourselves solely on how we look or make ourselves appear;(liposuction,laser hair removal, bioidentical hormones,etc) the fact is the beauty industry exploits us and makes billions off of marketing to women. These sister's were also blamed for promoting obesity as well in their Positive Body Image Campaign; Odd.

  3. Agreed. The media is vile and women are exploited. Expectations are too high and have made everything "complex." All the things women are supposed to do to "be ideal" nowadays is EXHAUSTIVE. Cut, color, style, trim, clarify, wax, shave, pluck, laser, exfoliate, massage, tan, workout - run, yoga, zumba, weight train, pilates. Hair, eyebrows, nails, skin, makeup, clothes, BLAH BLAH BLAH!

    I'm tired just thinking about it. I don't want to be judged if I have chipped nail polish, roots growing out, unshaved legs, imperfect skin, no makeup, white skin, boring hair. I swear the "maintenance" has only been standard for the last 15 years or so. SO RIDICULOUS and TIME CONSUMING and STRESSFUL. It's not like we women don't have a million other things to do. I'll do what I can - if I can't look pretty everyday, I shouldn't be judged for it!

  4. I'm with you Emily completely on your last comment!