Friday, July 29, 2011

Photoshop Altering!

The last few months I have been appalled at the sad pictures I've seen of what models and celebrities look like before being airbrushed, and how photos of them are altered so much that they don't even look human.
I used to like Julia Robert's and her acting but after this ad of her has been removed from Britain; The air-brushed picture of Julia Roberts used in the campaign.

      The air-brushed picture of Julia Roberts used in the L'oreal campaign.

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I am not sure I support her anymore. I know she looks nothing like that in her movies or with pictures of her on the red carpet, and the fact that in her contract it states there should be no un-airbrushed photos of her released, that really makes me think she is sending the wrong message to women and girls everywhere.
This makes me think she doesn't even love herself for who she really is and can't accept that humanity and beauty photoshopping have limits. She is a role model for lots of girls and women everywhere and the fact that she is exclusively using excessively altered images of herself really irritates me. What do you think?
Should the United States crack down on beauty photoshopping too? I think so.

Here is a website explaining why Britain pulled the Ad; and another website which has a look at the ads. I don't like Lady Gaga's dancer's or her outfits either on this website.

A change of subject; However, I have some good news! I love Beauty Redefined. This is an organization which is non-profit created by two identical twins studying for a P.H.D. in women's objectification at the University of Utah. There names are Lindsey and Lexie Kite. Please check out their links and website and look for their positive body image billboards all around the Great Salt Lake Valley! The message of their campaign is that women should not be judged solely by their appearance, or the sum of their parts. There is so much more to you than the way you look, or " There is more to be than eye candy." And "You are capable of so much more than being looked at." Are some messages of their campaign. They chose not to include bodies on their billboards to bring this message home.

I also reccomend reading The Beheld. A beauty blog talking about how beauty has evolved from past times to present and how it is defined in different countries other than our western culture. This blog post also talks about new beauty products being made in other countries.

Thanks for your love and support!

Sincerely, Chelsea Merkley

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