Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How do we deal with Difficult People?

I took a class on this a few terms ago and it has been very helpful.

Luskin's Hope Method involves Healing Our Past Emotions.

Luskin describes his H.E.A.L. method of practicing forgiveness, forgiving others or yourself.

H: What did you hope would happen? Or think shouldn't have happened?
I wanted my relationship with Tracy to last forever.

E: Educate yourself about reality, and accept what you can’t control. I know I cannot make Tracy love me forever.

A: Affirm your big dream/positive intention – I want a lot of loving people in my life.

L: Long-term commitment to Learning: I will gladly devote the rest of my life to learning more and more about giving and receiving love.

One of the 9 Steps of Forgiveness that is found on Dr. Luskin’s website is the following:
Forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person that hurt you, or condoning of their actions. What you are after is to find peace. Forgiveness can be defined as the peace and understanding that comes from blaming that which has hurt you less, taking the life experience less personally, and changing your grievance story.”(http://thinksimplenow.com/forgive/forgiveness/)

I really like these resources: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Levick2.html









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