Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alternate Reality

Okay, so this is going to be an unusual post.
I will just say that last night I watched a movie that was about living in alternate realities.
Well, more of it was really getting a person's brain to work after they were supposedly dead and getting the brain to remember things which happened to them so that terrorist attacks can be solved and not happen in the first place. The crazy people who wanted to blow up the train or the city can be arrested and found,etc.

Studying Positive Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies this film really affected me.
It was similar to Inception in some ways but very different in others. The military personnel training this Captain
who finds out he is basically dead and only on life support to solve these imminent terrorist attacks; tell him that the training room he is in and his body is his imagination. They also tell him the pasts he keeps repeating, even though they are a little bit different everytime, are not real and are just shadows of what has happened. Well, they were wrong. In the film anyway.

This person goes back and in a different reality saves all of the people on the train stops the bomb from going off and catches the crazy guy in charge of the attacks. He thinks he is going to die and he asks to be taken off life support after his last mission time is up and he saves the world. Or the "whole new world" that is a different reality than the one he came from. Well, because he changes his circumstances and all of the people's who may have died, he also changes the world and circumstances for the military who were training him. Only one person knows he is alive and well; in a completely different world and version of himself.

It is quite intriguing, I would not reccomend it for anyone who has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, bad dreams or episodes of extreme depression or anxiety though. The flashbacks and faint memories are quite vivid and very heartbreaking.

The Captain said to the the Commander in charge of him; "Do you think there is an alternate version of yourself out there somewhere? Someone who just made different choices all together.?" She says no, this is reality, what you see is real and he replies; "Oh, the one where you are talking to a dead Helicopter Captain?" I thought that was quite clever.

The film is called "The Source Code".

Chelsea Merkley

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